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The results from the last weekend are quite nice. Not very many but a few lovely images of some common birds. I spend three days aiming to photograph the local visitors at one of the hides...Read More

Image of a Black Vulture wins the prize of the public in a photography contest

Image of a Black Vulture wins the price of the public in the category “Ecosystem services” in a photography contest “Let’s Celebrate European Nature Together!” organised by CEEweb.…Read More

Lesser-spotted Eagle webcam

An installed webcam presents amazing opportunity to everyone willing to peak into the intimate life of Lesser spotted Eagle. The camera is installed in a nest in Latvia...Read More

Evening drive to Melnik sand pyramids

Evening light is one of the best for photography. Both wildlife and nature photography benefit from the warm light of the rising and setting sun. In one such occasion I happened to be in Melnik.…Read More

First calls of birds in spring

A colleague from a birding and photography cottage in NE Bulgaria reported some fantastic news on the coming spring...Read More

Просто неделя, време за почивка

Беше една от онези недели, в които не ти се захваща с никаква работа 🙂 Все пак обаче не исках да легна и да бездействам...Read More

Парка на с. Рударци

Слънчевият ден и липсата на голямото разнообразие от видове посещаващи хранилката в двора ми ме накара да се насоча към парка в с. Рударци...Read More