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SNAPP Guides has now become It is a collection of landscape photography guides helping photographers plan their trips to some of the best photography locations. Advice on timing, gear and directions to locations given in the guides help photographers optimise their time for best results.

A relatively undiscovered destination for landscape photography, Bulgaria is a hidden gem with its diverse landscapes ranging from the rocky coastline of the Northern Black sea coast to the highest mountains on the Balkan peninsula. Currently, there are over 120 spots with over 300 images added to inspire photographers visit this small and beautiful country. 


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This guide to photographing Bulgaria includes some of the key sites in the country for landscape photography. It includes natural and cultural sites with attractive land formations and events. The natural sites range from seascapes to caves, sand pyramids, waterfalls, lakes, high alpine meadows and peaks. The rich culture of the country is presented along with many of its monasteries and churches, the earliest of which date from the 5th century.

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The description of each site featured in the guide includes:

  • location with gps coordinates
  • getting there
  • about the spot
  • when to go
  • what to shoot
  • what gear to bring
  • level of fitness from 1/5
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