Sofia Photo Walks

Sofia Photo Walks

Sofia Photo Walks is the newest initiative of NatureMonitoring in partnership with Better Moments. 


Guided Sofia Photo Walks take you around some of the most exciting and photogenic places in Sofia. 


Surrounded by golden-domed churches, Soviet architecture and Ottoman mosques, the city is now boasting with life. Habitation of the city dates as far back as 7000 BC and holds apparent witness thereof with its Roman ruins in the centre of the city. Sofia has plenty of interesting offerings for the discerned photographer.

The tours:

1. Famous city landmarks tour;

2. Hidden Gems – under development;

3. City of lights – under development. 


Whether you are new in photography or have years of experience we will make sure that your time with us will be memorable and that you will walk away with increased confidence in your camera equipment and have learned about:

  • Manual camera settings such as aperture, shutter speed and iso
  • Creative composition using perspective, lines and color
  • The control and influence of light
  • Tips & tricks for post-processing

On our stroll through the city you will get a chance to photograph the biggest and incredibly picturesque places in the city centre. 

Booking Sofia Photo Walks

Choose your tour from the list above, and book a date of convenience using the calendar on the page following the links.