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Oman tourism: day 9, 12.12.2014

Another superb day of our Oman tourism finished with a total of 92 bird species seen or the day and 7 of them were new to me. Fantastic! The day started before the Sun has even though of showing up.…Read More

Steppe Eagle in Oman: day 8, 11.12.2014

What a day! Another superb day in Omani desert and mountains. The alarm rang at 5 a.m. We wanted to arrive in Montasar, a small desert oasis, before sunrise...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 7, 10.12.2014

Today was fairly birdless. We drove for most of the day and saw fairly few birds. Still managed to add a few new species though. As usual, we woke up at 6 a.m. and hit the road...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 6, 9.12.2014

What a day! We started off at 6 a.m. and we didn’t arrive at our last destination before 8p.m. Pretty exhausting, but worth it...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 5, 8.12.2014

The day started pretty early. I had to pick up my friend from the airport at 6 a.m. so I got up at 5 to be on time...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 4, 7.12.2014

Day 4 started with the calls of Chestnut bellied Sandgrouses. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what it was but compared it with the tape and it was clearly the species named...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: the start of a new adventure

I am pretty excited to announce that finally the time for my Oman trip has come. I have been willing to go there for quite some time and here we are...Read More

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography: 48 hours intimate with Nature 7,30 a.m. A group of 50+ Griffon Vultures started landing about 30 m in front of me. One by one the big birds overtook the field.…Read More

Egyptian Vulture photography trip in Bulgaria

Photographing birds of prey takes a lot of patience. They are really smart and wouldn’t allow someone getting into the hide under their sight...Read More

Black-winged Stilt photography in Bulgaria

Black-winged Stilts are peculiar birds but rather difficult to photograph because of their black and white colors. I decided to give them a try and visited a wetland on the Bulgarian Black sea coast.…Read More