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The flight of the raven

Wolves, Wolves, Wolves…

Wolves… This is what is what I have been thinking about for a whole week when sitting in a hide. The plan was to live inside a hide for six days to increase our chances to see and hopefully photograph a wolf.…Read More
Golden Eagle hide photography © Iordan Hristov

Golden Eagle and Dalmatian Pelican photography workshop

I got the opportunity to guide a hide photography trip for Golden Eagles and Dalmatian pelicans organized by Wild Echo and Patrick Dieudonne...Read More

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography: 48 hours intimate with Nature 7,30 a.m. A group of 50+ Griffon Vultures started landing about 30 m in front of me. One by one the big birds overtook the field.…Read More

The second national BirdID training in Bulgaria starts today: day 1

The second national BirdID training starts today. It is organised by the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds and the Nord-Trondelag University College HiNT...Read More

Birdwatching in Bulgaria: tailored trip 8-15 March, day 5

Day 5 or should I say day and night 5 with an extension into the night. Today we started at 3,30. Our main aim for the day was Capercaillie. We wanted to be at the lekking site at 5 a.m...Read More

Rock Partridge trip in Bulgaria

This time I got him. Regardless of the miserable weather at the start of the day with rain and low temperatures I managed to see the Rock Partridge today...Read More

BBC Natural World 2009 A Highland Haven

Superb video about the lifetime story of a few species from the Scottish Highlands: White-tailed Eagle, Black-throated Diver, Red-deer, Pine Marten and breath-taking landscapes...Read More