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The second national BirdID training in Bulgaria starts today: day 1

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The second national BirdID training starts today. It is organised by the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds and the Nord-Trondelag University College HiNT. The training is a part of the project for common bird monitoring and aims at preparing new participants in the monitoring scheme.

The second national training will be implemented in Rila mountains and will focus on mountainous birds. Before heading up to the mountains a small group of us decided to do some photography down in the lowlands. Birds weren’t very active so we focused on butterflies and orchids. We did see a few Whinchats, Hoopoe, a pair of Lesser spotted Eagle and some Common Buzzards but the weren’t very tame so we couldn’t take many pictures.

It was getting warm and soon we decided to head up to the mountains. Not before we had lunch in a small restaurant in a village called Govedartsi. It was fairly difficult to find a place in the middle of the week but we managed anyway.

On the way up to the mountains we walked along a nice little road in a pine forest where we saw some Crested Tit, Nutcrackers and Crossbills. Butterflies weren’t very abundant but some presented good opportunities.

Crossbill, copyright Iordan Hristov
Crossbill, copyright Iordan Hristov
butterfly photography
Balkan Copper Lycaena candens, copyright Iordan Hristov

It was time to head up to the mountains. We packed our stuff and got ready for an hour and a half trek up a mountain trail. The heavy backpacks didn’t let us do a lot of birding. Nevertheless we got a very distant Golden Eagle, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, more Nutcrackers and Crossbills and Bullfinches.

Golden Eagle photography, copyright Iordan Hristov
distant Golden Eagle

Soon we arrived in the mountain chalet at 1960 m above the sea level right on the edge of the tree line. Here we were going to be based for the nest three nights. After a refreshing drink we grabbed the cameras and binoculars and dashed around. Right in front of the chalet we saw a Ring Ouzel, Dunnock, which here is primarily a mountainous bird, Crossbills, Nutcrackers and Black Redstarts.

copyright Iordan Hristov
Dunnock is primarily a mountainous bird breeding in the dwarf pine, copyright Iordan Hristov

The sunset light nicely lit the surrounding summits…

copyright Iordan Hristov
view from the Chalet

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