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Dalmatian Pelican © Iordan Hristov

Birding and photography at lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini – birding and photography December 10-11, 2016 I guided a group of 15 students on bird identification trip to lake Kerkini in the weekend December 10-11, 2016. We saw a total of 70 birds.…Read More

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography: 48 hours intimate with Nature 7,30 a.m. A group of 50+ Griffon Vultures started landing about 30 m in front of me. One by one the big birds overtook the field.…Read More
Star trail at Ivan Vazov chalet in Rila mountains

Trekking trip in Rila mountains

Recently I realized it has been a long time since I last did a trekking trip in the Bulgarian mountains...Read More

Nine day birdwatching and photography trip with belgium photographers finished with great success

This time the group was with Belgium birdwatchers and photographers who wanted to photograph every single bird they see...Read More

Yellow Wagtail in Bulgaria

Spring is time of migration. Lots of birds of various races fly long distances to get home to breed. This past weekend I witnessed a group of Yellow Wagtails from at least three races...Read More

Wader photography in Bulgaria

It’s been a long time since I last posted something on this blog. Well here I am, hope I will manage to post more often. I finally managed to get some time from my busy schedule and post process a few images.…Read More

Photography weekend

The past weekend wasn’t meant to be quite as what it turned out to be 🙂 I meant to just go to my grand parents and do some work there but plans always change...Read More

Waders photography in Bulgaria

Some time after the September session on Waders photography in Bulgaria, I managed to get some time and post process a few images more...Read More

Waders photography in Bulgaria

This time I happened to be on the coast in the right time. I really needed to spend some time off from work,  photographing birds and get some break from the daily activities...Read More

Coastal bird photography and migration in Bulgaria

In the past weekend I had to go to the coast and give a talk on the State of common birds in Bulgaria...Read More