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Best Little Owl images

Best Little Owl images

Just returned from a fantastic session with a family of Little Owls where i took my best Little Owl images. Three chicks showed themselves and posed for this short session. I spent couple of hours which resulted in some of my best images of little owls that became personal favourites. The Little Owls are really photogenic creatures and i sincerely suggest that everyone tries to spend some time observing them.

The Little Owls

The bird is fairly widespread all around Bulgaria. Most of the observations are of birds living in houses or abandoned barns. However, they do occur in natural nesting sites such as sand walls, quarries, orchards or just rocks with burrows in the ground. This is what i had the privilege to photograph: a family nesting under a rock on the ground. Thus, the birds were sitting at eye level and had fantastic background. I visited the site early in the morning at superb soft light.

Little Owl photography

Photographing the species is not easy and there is still no specifically designated places for it in the country. Current opportunities are at quarries where bee-eaters and rollers nest and people rely on incidental visit by the little owls to the perches for bee-eaters.

I took these images from the car but a mobile hide would have worked. The best time to photograph them is in the end of June – first days of July. So if you have interest in me taking you our for little owl photography, i would be happy to do so. This reminds me for another opportunity for Little owl photography during my forthcoming bird photography trip to Spain in June 2021. See details and some superb images that you can take in the material on my blog here.

my best Little Owl images

Little Owl photography in Bulgaria

preening Little Owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

Little Owl

preening Little Owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

Little Owl

yawning Little Owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

the look of the Little Owl chick © Iordan Hristov 2020

morning with Little Owl family © Iordan Hristov 2020

best little owl images

Little Owl chick © Iordan Hristov 2020

adult Little Owl in morning light © Iordan Hristov 2020

curious Little Owl

preening Little Owl Athene noctua © Iordan Hristov 2020

yawning juvenile Little Owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

alert owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

the attention of the owls © Iordan Hristov 2020

time for the morning preening of the Little Owl © Iordan Hristov 2020

juvenile Little image photo © Iordan Hristov 2020

Stretching Little Owl image © Iordan Hristov 2020

sleeping Little Owl image © Iordan Hristov 2020

See more images of mine in the birds gallery here.

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    1. Thank you very much, Daniel. Yes, it was a great trip.Hope to meet you again in Bulgaria, Greece or Spain on any of the trips that i guide.
      Kind regards

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