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BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: the end

Well, the time for the end has come.It was the last day of our trip which we used for a transfer from our last destination to Sofia. En route we stopped to stretch our legs and added Yellowhammer to the list.…Read More
White-winged and Whiskered Tern © Iordan Hristov

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: waterbirds

Today my guests had their best day for the trip. It was going to be a day devoted to waterbirds. According to their words today we visited the best sites for the whole trip...Read More
Red-breasted Flycatcher

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: steppe

Today was expected to be a wet day so wanted to stay close to the van. The stops for the day included a reserve that is superb for sea-watching and steppe areas, suitable for larks, pipits and Stone Curlew.…Read More
Little Tern © Iordan Hristov

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: wetlands

After the exciting day yesterday, the participants in the group were rather excited. The day started with a pre-breakfast walk around the hotel grounds. The day was going to be devoted to birds of wetlands.…Read More

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: bird migration

What a day!  Another superb birding day in Bulgaria. We started in a woodland and ended by the coast. The day started at about 6.30 a.m...Read More

Western Palearctic Bird ID training course start in Bulgaria

New BirdID field training course starts today in Bulgaria. The course is organised by the Norwegian university HiNT and aims at providing field training on Western Palearctic bird identification.…Read More

Trip to Latvia

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was on my way to Latvia. Well here I am. I was accommodated in a hotel Centra...Read More

Birding trip 1: May 13-21

Long days in the field make the writing on the blog a challenge. Wonderful landscapes, amazing intimate moments with nature, lots of travelling and bi mileage...Read More

BirdID training on birds of Western Palearctic

The first for Bulgaria training on identification of bird of Western Palearktik has started...Read More

BirdID training

The first bird ID training in Bulgaria is already a fact. It commenced in  the area of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. The training consisted of field classes on bird identification...Read More