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The flight of the raven

Wolves, Wolves, Wolves…

Wolves… This is what is what I have been thinking about for a whole week when sitting in a hide. The plan was to live inside a hide for six days to increase our chances to see and hopefully photograph a wolf.…Read More
Golden Eagle hide photography © Iordan Hristov

Golden Eagle and Dalmatian Pelican photography workshop

I got the opportunity to guide a hide photography trip for Golden Eagles and Dalmatian pelicans organized by Wild Echo and Patrick Dieudonne...Read More

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography

Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture photography: 48 hours intimate with Nature 7,30 a.m. A group of 50+ Griffon Vultures started landing about 30 m in front of me. One by one the big birds overtook the field.…Read More

Egyptian Vulture photography trip in Bulgaria

Photographing birds of prey takes a lot of patience. They are really smart and wouldn’t allow someone getting into the hide under their sight...Read More

Bird photography trip results

Here are some of my first images from the last photography trip I had in North East Bulgaria. There are loads of images so I will be slowly going through. Please be patient...Read More

Images trip 1, Birdwatching around Bulgaria: 13-21.05

Eastern Bath White © Iordan Hristov Marsh Warbler © Iordan Hristov Silver Studded Blue © Iordan Hristov Red backed Shrike photography © Iordan Hristov Red-rumped Swallow photog...Read More

Birdwatching in my local patch

I had some doubts whether to wake up early this morning and go out for some bird photography. After a hard week I decided to spend a few more hours in the bed and then go out 🙂 Priority was clear.…Read More

Spring migration in Bulgaria

Migration season is one of the favourite ones of many people. Well, having some time on Saturday I decided to go back to some of the sites where I went last weekend...Read More

Spring is coming

A lovely drive around the area of Sofia where I live was a bit quiet bird wise. It was great though. I went out to see if bird migration has started and the exceeding of spring...Read More

Hide photography

The results from the last weekend are quite nice. Not very many but a few lovely images of some common birds. I spend three days aiming to photograph the local visitors at one of the hides...Read More