bird photography in Bulgaria

The pictures classified in this category are taken in Bulgaria during a photography trip.

Paddyfield Warbler photography in Bulgaria

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Paddyfield Warbler is an Asian species and many birders have seen it there. However, there aren’t many places in Europe where one can see it. The Western border of its distribution range is on the Western Black Sea coast, namely several sites at the Bulgarian and Romanian Black sea coast.…

Nine day birdwatching and photography trip with belgium photographers finished with great success

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This time the group was with Belgium birdwatchers and photographers who wanted to photograph every single bird they see. This didn’t always happen but we did get a few decent shots of birds like Levant Sparrowhawk, Black-headed Bunting, Stone Curlew, European Bee-eater, Wallcreeper, Firecrest, Ortolan Bunting, Orphean Warbler, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Rose-coloured Starling, Pied Wheatear, Paddifield Warbler, Bearded Tit, to name but a few.…

Bee-eater and Roller photography guided trip in Bulgaria

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Bee-eater photography and Roller photography guided trip is just over. A group of four Polish photographers managed to get a few lovely shots of both Rollers and Bee-eaters. “We are happy to be here”, “We are glad to meet the guide Iordan and hope to come back here” This what our guest wrote in our guest book.…

New lens

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Just wanted to share my excitement from getting a new lens for bird photography Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM. Everyone says it is The lens someone needs for birds without being too extreme with the 500 and 600 huge and heavy lenses.My…

First calls of birds in spring

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A colleague from a birding and photography cottage in NE Bulgaria reported some fantastic news on the coming spring. After the first weekend of March more and more birds become vocal to announce their territories.…