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First calls of birds in spring

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A colleague from a birding and photography cottage in NE Bulgaria reported some fantastic news on the coming spring.

After the first weekend of March more and more birds become vocal to announce their territories. Hawfinches, Tits and Thrushes are the first to start. Woodpeckers have also started actively drumming and calling. A pair of Syrian Woodpeckers perched on the tree in front of the tower hide several times for the day. The birds have been drumming and displaying on several trees around the yard and most probably they will start breeding within a range of 50m. This will suggest regular visits to the walnut tree in front of the tower hide later in the season. Once they start breeding, we shall still try to find the nesting location of the woodpecker to increase the photography opportunity of the species.

There were still a few flocks of Greater White-fronted Geese that were late on their migration to the North. Several flocks of about 100 birds each flied passed the yard of the cottage. We are looking forward to see the first flocks of White Storks and groups of Lesser-spotted Eagles.

To complete the wildlife observation pleasures a weasel showed up. I watched it for about a minute while working in the yard when it just disappeared into the scrub.

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