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SNAPP Guides Bulgaria


ED: Snapp Guide is now PhotoHound

Have you heard of SNAPP GUIDES? It is a new app for Android and iOS that features some of the best sites for landscape photography in a number of countries. Other than showing the locations, the guides also give optimal conditions for photography which is particularly useful when planning a trip to a country.

SNAPP Guides logo and strapline

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SNAPP Guide Bulgaria

Now a new addition to the great collection of guides is the one for Bulgaria which I had the privilege to develop. Although the country is not amongst the most famous for landscape photography it does have hidden gems which every visitor will enjoy photographing.

The sites featured include diverse landscapes ranging from the rocky coastline of the Northern Black sea coast to the highest mountains on the Balkan peninsula. The guide contains 97 spots featured with 225 inspiring images which reveal the charm of Bulgaria in all its many colours and provide multiple suggestions for fantastic shoot itineraries.

SNAPP Guides Bulgaria

Staro selo chapel © Iordan Hristov

About this Guide

The SNAPP Guide Bulgaria includes natural and cultural sites with attractive land formations and events. The natural sites range from seascapes to caves, sand pyramids, waterfalls, lakes, high alpine meadows and peaks. The rich culture of the country is presented along with many of its monasteries and churches, the earliest of which date from the 5th century.

SNAPP Guides Bulgaria

Ahtopol lighthouse © Iordan Hristov

Author’s Picks

My top destinations in the country are Tevno lake in Pirin mountains and the picturesque Seven Rila lakes in Rila mountains. The dynamic weather conditions and dramatic landscapes there present superb opportunities. If time permits, the Rhodopes and the Southern Black coast are not to be missed. The area around Kardzhali town has a number of sites such as Devil’s Bridge, the Rock Mushrooms, the bridge near Lisitsite village and the wonderful view from Monek fortress, all of which are worth a visit. From there, head east where the Madzharovo region offers dramatic volcanic rocks teaming with wildlife. The top sites on the Black sea coast are the “Ships” cliffs and Ahtopol lighthouse along the Southern Black sea coast and the rocky coastline by Tyulenovo on the Northern Black sea coast. Northern Bulgaria has Rusenski Lom and the caves at Devetaki and Prohodna. The diversity of this country is overwhelming despite its small size.

SNAPP Guides Bulgaria

Tevno lake, Pirin mountains

Download SNAPP Guides and try the guide for Bulgaria for Android from here and for iOS from here.

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