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Lesser-spotted Eagle webcam

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An installed webcam presents amazing opportunity to everyone willing to peak into the intimate life of Lesser spotted Eagle. The camera is installed in a nest in Latvia.

Click on the website here and choose the webcam image.

The goal of the project is to obtain detailed information about the feeding of Lesser spotted eagle in Latvia.

The main reasons for the species’ population decrease in Latvia is the intense harvesting of old forests especially during the breeding season. This results in both disturbance and decrease of the main feeding habitat areas (grassland).

In Bulgaria there are about 350-400 pairs left. It is one of the most abundant eagles. However, its population is very sensitive due to the species’ dependence on meteorological conditions.

Online website features the migratory routes of several birds tagged with satellite transmitters.

The species is one of the first to be tagged with satellite transmitters and the most studied one. Prof. Meyburg has conducted several studies described in several publications here:

  • Migration and Wintering of the Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina: A Study by Means of Satellite Telemetry (pdf);
  • Migration, wintering and breeding of a lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina) from Slovakia tracked by satellite (pdf);
  • Satellite tracking of two Lesser Spotted Eagles, Aquila pomarina, migrating from Namibia

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