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First evident migrant

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For some reason, the birds today were a bit more active than yesterday. The weather was still cloudy but a bit milder. I suppose that’s what makes the birds be more active.

On my way to the park nearby I had an evident migrant Grey Wagtail. I think this is the first bird that is clearly a migrant across here. Further down the track the Lesser spotted Woodpecker was vigorously drumming and calling to announce its territory. This is another sign of their approaching breeding season. Two Green Woodpecker were also calling from different locations responding to each other. Bullfinches are still around. About 20 birds were actively feeding and occasionally feeding from here and there.

Fantastic views of Hawfinches. The head of the males becomes really bright and the whole head patterns becomes so contrasting. The huge bill and this head pattern makes the bird one of my favourite ones. Blackbirds have also got their fantastic bright yellow bills. Amazing colors that would finally bring some excitement in the grey winter days. Starlings are still in their breeding plumage but actively start calling and are already grouping in pairs.

A great quite a nice surprise was the call of a Black Woodpecker. Initially I only heard its flight call, but then it also did its territorial call. Fantastic bird certainly with presence. Another favourite.

 The Siskins were not around any more, which would mean they have moved to their breeding territories.

I should be doing these walks more often. It took just about an hour to see these 15+ species and it was really pleasant. Now with the coming migration there will be a lot of action in the woodland. The birds I saw are:

Lesser spotted Woodpecker – 1
Green Woodpecker – 2
Great spotted Woodpecker – 1m
Black Woodpecker – 1 (h)
Grey Wagtail – 1
Hawfinch – 4
Bullfinch – 20+
Common Chaffinch – 5
Great Tit – 10+
Blue Tit – 3
Song Thrush – 1
Mistle Thrush – 2
Blackbird – 10
Jay – 3
Magpie – 3
Wood Nuthatch – 3+

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