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Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 2

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After the depressing day yesterday today I feel a bit better. Woke up at 3.20 and off I went for another try on the route. The weather looked ok although the forecast was for another miserable day. Started the survey with some blue sky. That’s optimistic, I said to myself but didn’t want to be too quick with the conclusions – the route is 6 km long so the weather may change any time.

Soon i started noting down the birds from the points: Brambling, Willow Warbler and Redwing were the most common ones. A got a few individuals of Spotted Flycatcher, Common Redstart, Cuckoo, and Common Redpolls. Although I do enjoy all these birds there were a few highlights for me too: a male Willow Grouse. I have seen it just once and it was great to see it again although it didn’t stay for long.

The habitat was constantly changing from birch forest to open bogs and hills were going up and down. The weather didn’t stay very bright though. There were showers now and then which made me prey for no rain at least until I finish the route. Well, I did it. In about 4 hours I managed to do the route. Finally. It really feels like a success and a relief. Time for the next route.

Quickly packed the wet tent and spread it in the car to dry out and off I went. The next place isn’t too far – only 20 or so km to the south west of here. And what a place that is. The steep terrain doesn’t allow doing the conventional 6 km square shaped route but the points are situated along a valley with steep hills covered with snow. The river here still has ice. This would be another challenging route with barren ground and steep hillside. That’s for tomorrow. Off I go.

It took me a while to find this place because the guidance papers weren’t very good and I stayed for some time in the neighbouring valley. At certain point I was even considering going across the mountain because I wasn’t aware of another road. There was nothing on the map. I had a nap in the area 😉 and decided to go back the same road to search for a place to drive to the neighbouring valley. And yes there was J I am glad I didn’t took the more difficult route.

Once in the new area, it was exactly as explained. Pretty rough terrain – understand steep slopes, rocky hill sides and snow and glaciers. Well these are the areas where I will have to do the survey. But that would be tomorrow.

I decided to take a drive in the area to see more of this beautiful landscape. It proved worth it. Just watch see these photos…

No comments. Breath taking views, aren’t they. Got some fruit fro a shop and off I went to my tent for the needed sleep. It would be a hard day tomorrow.

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