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Boyana waterfall photography

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the cup of Boyana waterfall

It was one of those days when I really wanted to go out and take some pictures. I considered several options but needed some sort of a light walk. I consulted a few sources and decided. It was going to be the Boyana Waterfall. Situated in Vitosha mountains right by Sofia with convenient public transport, it is one of the highest waterfalls in the area with its 30 metres. Off I went.

The mountain was rather wet with all the snow melting. It was really quiet and there were no people. On my way to Boyana waterfall I met only one mountain rescue guard and two foreigners that seemed to have taken a wrong decision to climb the snowy mountain with sneakers.

Birds were fairly active but there weren’t many around: the usual Blue, Great and Marsh Tit, couple of Hawfinches, Nuthatches and Chaffinches. The star birds were a male Black Woodpecker and two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. There were also a few Song Thrushes, Common Buzzards and Ravens. Well there might have been a good 20 species.

In 2 hours I arrived at Boyana Waterfall. It was frozen all over. Only a small fraction of it still had some running water. I wanted to visualise from various angles and started experimenting with various lenses and filters.

frozen Boyana waterfall

Boyana waterfall in winter

Falling water from Boyana Waterfall has formed an interesting formation which i call “The cup”. Amazing blue colour from inside wanted me sneak in but didn’t dare to do it.

The cup of Boyana waterfall Iordan_Hristov

The cup of Boyana waterfall Iordan_Hristov

 The river after Boyana waterfall

The river after Boyana waterfall

Well I took a few pics and decided to go. It was getting a bit late and I had enough. It was a great day.

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