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Birdwatching in Bulgaria trip reports May 2013

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This spring was a rather busy season. I had a couple of birdwatching groups with guests from Norway, Britain, Poland and Germany. After some time here are the trip reports for two of the groups that I co-lead together with a colleague and a friend of mine.

Birdwatching in Bulgaria Trip report 1 (download the report here) – May 13-21st 2013 images from the trip

Birdwatching in Bulgaria Trip report 2 (download the report here) – May 22-30th 2013 images from the trip: post 1, post 2, post 3

If interested in birdwatching or bird photography opportunities in Bulgaria I am happy to help. Feel free to drop me a line at biomonitoring [.] ltd [@] gmail [.] com

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