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Birding trip 1: 13-21 May – update

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After the southern Black sea Coast, we are off to the North. We are fairly short of waders mainly because of the time of the year. On our way to the North we are not going to get any more waders but still decided to stop at the salpans at Pomorie. Not much. Still fairly quiet. A Green Sandpiper was added and that’s about it.

We than headed to the Northern Black Sea coast across Diulinski Pass. Amazing picturesque landscape. We added a Steppe Buzzard, Tawny Pipit and enjoyed many Bee-eaters, Black-headed Buntings, and had a pretty good look at Lesser-grey Shrike.

After lunch we had a nicely perched Eagle Owl in its day roosting place. People from the group did enjoy it. Time was ticking away but decided to do a final stop before the hotel.This time our main target were the few Demoiselle Cranes that I saw last week with a group of Norwegians. Well, honestly I didn’t expect them to be around but still had to check. The initial check of the place where I saw them proved in vein. However, I decided to change position and had a better look at some neighbouring fields. Well this was the right strategy. Two gorgeous Demoiselle Cranes were just sitting in the fields by the road and packing seeds from the farmland. How beautiful these birds can be. So close. I watched them for several minutes. This is the best view I have ever had. Went around with the idea to photograph them but the results were not very satisfying.

Demoiselle Crane
Demoiselle Crane © Iordan Hristov

It was a good end of the day.

The next dayon the North Eastern Black Sea Coast started pretty early. I decided to wake up and try to photograph the sunrise. Well it was worth it. I set the alarm for 5,30 and luckily I got up with no problem whatsoever. It was fantastic. Birds were singing. I got up right for the time of the sunrise. Didn’t even want to lose time in brushing my teeth and dashed out straight away when I saw the sun coming up. What colors! Amazing!

We did a nice little walk around the hotel and ticked of a couple of new birds for the trip: Marsh Warbler and Rook. Lovely sitting Marsh Warbler gave us some opportunities for documentary photos because of the distance.

After that we came back to the hotel and I couldn’t resist the swimming pool that was so inviting. Quickly jumped into the pool which was the most refreshing thing ever. Now I can start the day! How Wonderful. Early morning start for the sunrise, a few good birds, lovely refreshment and a gorgeous day coming up. This is work 😉

After breakfast we headed straight to the wetlands for Paddifield Warbler. It wasn’t long before we had it. Luckily the weather was just right. It was somewhat special. Everyone was enjoying his time and didn’t even wanted to leave that place. We had a Pygmy Cormorant and the first for the year Rose-colloured Starlings. A group of 20 was followed by another one of 5 birds that flied past us north to south. They would be coming from Romania this year in opposed to other years when they might be coming from the south.

Paddifield Warbler photography
Paddifield Warbler photography © Iordan Hristov

The afternoon was devoted to the Cape Kaliakra. We had more cetaceous than birds. Quite a few Bottle nosed Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise were jumping around. They were so active. Amazing.

All these emotions exhausted the guests and we decided to go back to the hotel. Another relaxed swim in the pool prepared me for a lovely dinner which was the end of the day.

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