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Bird survey in Norway : day 17, 20.06.2015

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The night felt fairly warm. I never thought i would say that but it was. May be because of the midnight sun. Mind you it was 1 degree Celsius in the morning which is lowest since i am here. However it didn’t feel so cold.

The route started on a road track leading up the mountains. According to the map nearly all the points are expected to be on a track. Actually this is a route into a military area and i had to get permission to get in. That is why i will not write much about the place but i must say there were quite a few birds. The lovely shining sun made the survey really pleasant and easy following the road. Some of the highlights for this route were a Merlin, quite a few Willow Grouses, Ptarmigan, couple of Bluethroats and plenty of Tree Pipits. This was perhaps the easiest route i have ever done and managed to complete it by 8 a.m. Really a pleasant walk.

The next place wasn’t far either so i had lots of free time to catch up with writing and reading.

Managed to get to the vicinity of the route but just before it there was a locked barrier which i can’t cross with the car. The trouble is that it would take me an extra hour walking if i can’t get through. Asked a few local people about the responsible person and they kindly directed me in English to the person who must hold the key. Went there and when i ringed the bell the door was half open by a grumpy lady. I apologised for the disturbance and asked for the key but she literary told me to go away waving her hand. Wow, that’s something i hadn’t experienced by a Norwegian before. Really strange but may be has a reason for it. Never mind I will walk an extra hour which would mean earlier start but that’s ok having in mind that would the route before the last one. I am nearly there.


See you tomorrow.

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