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Back on the road: Germany, Göttingen

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This time it is a business trip. A colleague of mine called me last week to ask me to go to workshop instead of him. It is in Germany after some discussions within our organisation and with the organisers here I am on the road to Germany stuck at Vienna airport waiting for my delayed flight. Anyway at least I will have the time to do something useful as writing this blog post 😉

The focus of the conference is Agri-environmental policy and its impact on birds. The interesting bit is the interaction between the “West and the East” policies on agri-environment. There is got to be quite interesting debates and presentations on the topic. My task will be to do a presentation on the state of common birds in Bulgaria (see the latest report here). The idea is to show whether agrienvironmental policy in Bulgari has any effects on common birds as indicators for the state of environment. Colleagues and I are now working on a paper to compare the trends of common birds before and after the Bulgarian accession into the EU and the corresponding effects from relevant policies. Unfortunately our data is not too extensive so most probably we will not be able to do much with the data but see what happens. Looking forward to seeing the results.

On my way to the workshop I will stop by to meet a friend based in Bad Nauheim not far from the Frankfurt airport. The nice thing is that the place is on the way from Frankfurt to Gottingen where my workshop will be. Gottingen seems to be a lovely place. See the link to Wikipedia here. I will try to post some images later on in the trip.

I think I should be going for my flight soon  🙂 Ohh I forgot to mention that there is more snow here in Vienna than in Sofia. OK. bye 🙂

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