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Astrophotography in Bulgaria: first steps


A friend and I have been discussing astrophotography  tutorials and options to photograph the Milky way. It took us some time to organise a trip and had tried it only once in Rila mountains where I did my first star trail (see pictures here). Well after two weeks of non-stop work I felt like going out at the end of the day when I submitted a work assignment.

It was about 20,30 when I called one of my friends with a proposal to go out for some night pictures. He did not need much convincing and in half an hour I was on the road with all my gear. In another half an hour we were there. Up on the mountain top next to a lovely chapel that would make a superb fore ground. It was full with stars. Absolutely gorgeous. Talking makes no sense from now on. Let’s start capturing this superb moment. We experimented with different techniques and angles and here is what I got:


The Milky way © Iordan Hristov


The Milky way © Iordan Hristov

2 thoughts on “Astrophotography in Bulgaria: first steps”

  1. Hi, great website and amazing images. Love this post. I was wondering if I could ask if you know of any astronomy clubs near Sunny Beach please as I am due to move there soon.

    Many thanks


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