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birding around Burgas wetlands

Bird ID training course: day 5

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We spent the day around Burgas wetlands and had fantastic views of Penduline Tit, White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Black and Whiskered Terns and many more to a total of 95 species for the day.

where to see raptors in bulgaria

Bird ID training course: day 4

This travelling day ended up with a total of 93 species. The highlights were Eastern Imperial Eagle, Masked Shrike and Olive-tree Warbler.

Black headed bunting

Bird ID training course 2024

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New bird id training course starts now in Bulgaria. I will be travelling around the country with 8 students showing them some of the birdlife of Bulgaria.

wildlife photography in bulgaria

Wildlife Photography: customised trip

This wildlife photography trip in Bulgaria was customised for two British naturalists. We visited Western and Eastern Rhodopes to photograph birds and mammals. See the full story here.

Birdwatching trip to Lesvos

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Just completed co-guiding a fantastic birdwatching trip to the famous Greek island of Lesvos. See my story in the link

Birding break in Bulgaria: day 3&4

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The last two days of our birding break in Bulgaria were completed with great observations of Eastern Imperial Eagle, Lesser Kestrels, Egyptian Vulture, Eastern Bonnelli’s Warbler and more more great birds

birding break in Bulgaria

Birding break in Bulgaria: day 2

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The second day of our birding break in Bulgaria peaked up with a great number of birds of prey including eagles and vultures, a special orchid and Scops Owl.