birding tour in Bulgaria

Birding tour in Bulgaria: day 1

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Today I start a new birding tour in Bulgaria. It will be five days long and will cover a great range of habitats between Sofia and the Black sea coast at Burgas. The route for the day is Sofia – Burgas with stops along the way.…
spoonbills in flight

Birding trip in Bulgaria and Greece

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Just completed a fantastic two-day customized birding trip in Bulgaria and Greece. Recently I was contacted by a Dutch birder who needed a guide for a day or two. After some discussion, we agreed to make a two-day birding trip in Southwestern Bulgaria and Northern Greece.…
Heath spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata)

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 10

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Route: Kerkini lake, Greece – Rila monastery, Bulgaria Weather: chilly and “fresh”, after rain last night. Temp: c.17degrees. Today is our last full day of the trip. We leave the beautiful Kerkini lake in Greece and head back to Bulgaria to visit the mountains around Rila monastery.…
Caspian Whipsnake (Dolichophis caspius)

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 9

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Route: Kerkini lake, western embankment Weather: hot, 30+ degrees C We started the day with a pre-breakfast walk. It was supposed to start at 7 am but several keen people were out before that.…

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 8

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Route: Melnik – Kerkini lake, Greece Weather: hot, 30+ degrees. Another hot day found us further south across the Greek border. We started with an early breakfast at 6.30. We wanted to avoid the crowds at the border and started really early.…
Azure bluet (Coenagrion puella)

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 7

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Route: Melnik – Rupite – Melnik Weather: hot, 32 degrees. It was a really hot day. We started with an early morning pre-breakfast walk around the hotel grounds when only 5 people turned up.…

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 6

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Route: Bansko – Kresna gorge – Melnik Weather: hot, 30 degrees with some breeze, and overcast at lunchtime. Today we change the mountainous habitats with the hot Mediterranean ones. We started a bit earlier and in 40 minutes we were at Kresna Gorge.…
Common European adder (Vipera berus),

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 5

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Day 5 Route: Bansko – Vihren – Ribno lake (Fish lake) Weather: hot, 25 Degrees with some breeze Yet another fantastic day! This time it was in Pirin mountains. As usual, we started at 9 am shortly after breakfast, and drove directly to one of the oldest trees in Bulgaria: Baikusheva mura.…
Caspian Whip snake

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 4

Day 4 Route: Panichishte – Kocherinovo – Blagoevgrad – Bansko Weather: hot with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Today was a traveling day. Our plan was to change the mountains and travel to Bansko for a visit to Pirin mountains on the following day.…

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 3

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Day 3: Route: Panichishte – Seven Rila lakes – Panichishte Weather: fresh with temperatures up to 15 degrees with slight showers. What a great day! A day with picturesque and dramatic landscapes.…