winter bird watching trip

Winter bird watching: the end

And so the winter bird watching trip approaches its end. Today is our last morning. We had an early breakfast and off we went to search for our last Red breasted Geese. At breakfast time four Dalmatian Pelicans flew past suggesting it was going to be a great morning. At Durankulak we had the usual birds and only one Red-breasted Goose. Luckily it was fairly close so we had good views of it in a variety of settings. While enjoying it another little birdy turned up: a Stonechat. Not far from it turned up a Black Redstart which seems to overwinter more often. We spent some time enjoying the Red breasted Goose and drove around the lake. A subadult White tailed Eagle caused some chaos amongst the ducks on the lake. It was great to observe this majestic youngster trying to catch some Duck. On the lake we added a distant female Red-crested Pochard. It was time to go and we headed back to the hotel to get our luggage and head to the airport.

winter bird watching trip

winter bird watching trip

En route of our winter birdwatching trip we had some groups of Corn Buntings and a brief stop in an old woodland which produced a Middle spotted Woodpecker. Well, this is the last bird of the trip. We’ve got to go now.

Jeremy said ‘Thank you for your excellent guiding. Hope to do the Southern part of Bulgaria with you’. Both our guests and I think it was an excellent trip. We had a total of 125 bird species and 4 mammals during our winter bird watching trip.

Here is a checklist of the species seen:

1 Black-throated Diver
2 Little Grebe
3 Great Crested Grebe
4 Black-necked Grebe
5 Pygmy Cormorant
6 Cormorant
7 Shag
8 White Pelican
9 Dalmatian Pelican
10 Little Egret
11 Great White Egret
12 Grey Heron
13 Mute Swan
14 Whooper Swan
15 Bewick’s Swan
16 White-fronted Goose
17 Greylag Goose
18 Red-breasted Goose
19 Ruddy Shelduck
20 Shelduck
21 Mallard
22 Gadwall
23 Pintail
24 Shoveler
25 Wigeon
26 Teal
27 Red-crested Pochard
28 Pochard
29 Ferruginous Duck
30 Tufted Duck
31 Goldeneye
32 Smew
33 Red-breasted Merganser
34 White-headed Duck
35 White-tailed Eagle
36 Marsh Harrier
37 Hen Harrier
38 Sparrowhawk
39 Goshawk
40 Common Buzzard
41 Steppe Bizzard
42 Kestrel
43 Merlin
44 Peregrine Falcon
45 Partridge
46 Common Pheasant
47 Water Rail
48 Common Moorhen
49 Coot
50 Avocet
51 Curlew
52 Grey Plover
53 Lapwing
54 Dunlin
55 Green Sandpiper
56 Redshank
57 Black-headed Gull
58 Mediterranean Gull
59 Slender-billed Gull
60 Little Gull
61 Yellow-legged Gull
62 Caspian Gull
63 Common Gull
64 Stock Dove
65 Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon
66 Wood Pigeon
67 Collared Dove
68 Long-eared Owl
69 Eagle Owl
70 Grey-headed Woodpecker
71 Green Woodpecker
72 Great Spotted Woodpecker
73 Syrian Woodpecker
74 Middle Spotted Woodpecker
75 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
76 Crested Lark
77 Skylark
78 Water Pipit
79 Meadow Pipit
80 White Wagtail
81 Wren
82 Dunnock
83 Robin
84 Black Redstart
85 Blackbird
86 Song Thrush
87 Mistle Thrush
88 Redwing
89 Fieldfare
90 Cetti’s Warbler
91 Chiffchaff
92 Goldcrest
93 Firecrest
94 Long-tailed Tit
95 Blue Tit
96 Great Tit
97 Sombre Tit
98 Marsh Tit
99 Nuthatch
100 Short-toed Treecreeper
101 Great Grey Shrike
102 Jay
103 Magpie
104 Jackdaw
105 Rook
106 Hooded Crow
107 Starling
108 House Sparrow
109 Tree Sparrow
110 Chaffinch
111 Brambling
112 Greenfinch
113 Goldfinch
114 Siskin
115 Linnet
116 Hawfinch
117 Yellowhammer
118 Cirl Bunting
119 Reed Bunting
120 Corn Bunting
121 Oystercatcher
122 Common Snipe
123 Ortolan bunting
124 Long-tailed duck
125 Stonechat
1 Red Squirrel
2 Red Fox
3 Brown Hare
4 Otter


If you have enjoyed reading these posts and would like to see these birds you are welcome to have a look at the itinerary of this winter bird watching trip that I guided for Spatia Wildlife.

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    Hi RCS, yes the trip was great indeed.

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