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Trekking and landscape photography trip in Rila mountains, Bulgaria

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Spending the night at the highest peak of Bulgaria is not something that happens very often. It was in the middle of the week when I got this late message from a friend suggesting me to do some hiking and landscape photography in the weekend. The offer was to climb Musala peak in Rila mountains and take some pictures at sunset, sunrise and some night photos. It all sounds superb. I have been at the top just once so it would be great to do this hike again. Moreover people don’t often have this chance of spending time at such locations.

The idea was to take the lift from Borovets to save us from carrying the heavy gear like tripods and lenses. Well plans are not always what they are meant to be. The lift wasn’t working so we had to take the path. Luckily the weather was good enough. Along the track there weren’t many photography opportunities but anyway we were aiming for the peak. Once we got to the first chalet the landscape started changing.

one of Musala lakes

one of Musala lakes


There was more water and the trail became steeper. Further along the trail, snow took over and walking was a bit more difficult. It was already quite a few hours after the start and it was becoming more and more difficult. There weren’t many birds in this landscape. In the beginning of the trip there were a few Spotted Nutcrackers and Crossbills. Once we got into the open we ticked a few Alpine Choughs and Crossbills and that was all about it.

We managed to get to the peak just before sunset. The Sun has already half way set but it wasn’t any good for decent pictures. I did take some but not worth showing 😉

Musala peak, 2925 m

Musala peak, 2925 m

Once we arrived we had a snack and out we went to enjoy the Milky way. We had to be in a hurry before the Moon was out. Here is what I got:

Milky way at Musala peak

Milky way at Musala peak

I also tried a time lapse but still haven’t compiled it. Stay tuned for it.

The light on the next morning was absolutely stunning. Superb magenta colors over the mountain tops in the distance and the few clouds made the climb on the previous day worth it. Have no words to express it. Have a look at these images which can’t even capture a bit of the superb warming atmosphere regardless the negative temperatures and cool wind.




the group





the pyramid of the top

The way down from the top was quite fast. We managed to take it for about 4,5 hours while we went up for 7,5. Quite a difference. The only thing that is worth noting are four Balkan Chamois which were pretty shy and didn’t let us approach them very much. A couple of hot teas at the mountain chalets made the joy of the sunny weather and dramatic landscapes even more pleasant. Well it was long but pleasant trip. Certainly recommend it.


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