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The sound of falling snowflakes

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Peace! Quietness! Wilderness! That’s what my weekend trip was about.

After a lazy morning the road took us to a photography hide where I wanted to put some bait for Common Buzzards Buteo buteo. Some snow just fell down and it’s finally time to attract these lovely birds to the feeding site at the photography hide. I intend to come back in a couple of days to give them a try. Let me keep my fingers crossed for some luck. Ideally a Red fox or Golden Jackal may also turn up.Will let you know in a couple of days.

Around the hide we did see a buzzard, a male and female Hen Harriers, a  Common Kestrel, couple of Magpies and over a hundred Fieldfares and Yellowhammers. Left some seeds for them in frond of the hide. See what happens. Looking forward to the photography session in a couple of days.

After the hide the road took us to the high mountains not far from Sofia. Lovely conifer area at the beginning of the trail and alpine cliffs in avalanch zone at its end. We arrived fairly late in the afternoon buy there was still enough light. Skiers were already coming down from the mountains after course for mountain guiding. Finally it was peaceful.No people. No sounds of cars, coaches and heavy traffic or any sort of noise. It was only us and ….. the snowflakes. Listening them falling down was a miracle. Soooo quiet… Sooo ‘neat’ superb relaxation 🙂

In an hour trekking we arrived at altitude of  1960 m a.s.l. Had a lovely tea from mountain herbs and a brief chat with the new house keepers of the chalet and started descending. The new managers of the chalet have come only 10 days ago and were still surpring themselves by the falling avalanches in the area. They were about to undertake some serious reconstruction works on the chalet. See what happens. Looking forward to seeing the changes and even helping these people promoting the place for hiking and birdwatching.
We descended in dusk and off we went. The way home was a bit risky because of the snow, low temperatures and slippery road. Anyway we finally got home after a lovely day in nature.

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