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The first BirdID trip for Western Palearctic in Bulgaria finished with a great success

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The first BirdID trip for birds of Western Palearctic in Bulgaria is over. The results are superb. Over 220 species for 10 days travelling around Bulgaria. In total 9 participants from Norway joined the trip willing to learn how to identify the birds of Bulgaria.

We saw a great variety of common and rare birds. Amongst the highlights of the trip are Demoiselle’s Crane, Terek Sandpiper, Broar-billed Sandpiper, Red-footed Falcon, Masked Shrike, Olive-tree Warbler, Eastern Imperial Eagle and many others. The Wallcreeper is nominated for a bird of the trip by most of the participants. A full checklist is coming soon.

“It was an excellent trip”, “This is one of my best trips” suggested some of the participants. We are happy to show the beauties of Bulgaria and hope that more people will join for the years to come. The group was led by Iordan Hristov (myself) and co-leader Boris Belchev. You can see detailed posts by my colleague on his personal blog here.

Pied Wheatear photography
Pied Wheatear photography © Iordan Hristov

More images are coming soon.

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