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Testimonials for the services of Nature Monitoring and Photography services are given below:

“We are grateful to have Iordan Hristov as a teacher in two field studies on Bird Identification run by Nord-Trøndelag University College (HiNT). It is BirdID Western Palearctic Bulgaria with students from the whole of Europe, and BirdID Bulgaria with Bulgarian students. The feedback received from participating students is excellent, both on logistics and bird knowledge. Iordan is also helping me to start BirdID national studies in other European countries. I am very satisfied with his work.”

Testimonials from HiNT
Magne Husby, Assoc. Prof. Nord University

“…we want to thank you again for being our product tester [of the new Swarovski binocular CL Companion 8×30]  It was a great pleasure to read your reports and experiences. We are looking forward to staying in contact….”

Testimonials from  SWAROVSKI OPTIK Team

“On behalf of Penguin Travel Group, I would like to express our sincere satisfaction in your excellent logistical and expert support during a birdwatching tour you guided for us. The service you provided us was with remarkable perfection and service mind.

…Penguin Travel Group is looking forward to developing further long-term partnership with you.”

Testimonials from Elitsa Simeonova, Manager & Tour Consultant, Penguin Travel Group

See Testimonial_Penguin_Travel.

“We are very grateful that Biomonitoring dealt with remarkable precision, responsibility and full understanding of the task assigned. With extremely profound knowledge on bird identification, the survey [the task requested] was conducted in an objective manner. In addition, the task outputs suggest great attention to detail regardless of the unfavourable field conditions and no compromise in the proficiency of the task fulfillment.

… We consider the company as a loyal and reliable partner and would recommend its services to anyone planning ornithological surveys.”

Testimonials from Assoc. Prof. Tanyo Michev, Scientific Director, Ecotan Ltd

See testimonial Ecotan.

“Your work on this vital project will be an important basis for both ornithological researchers and birders… We sincerely appreciate your help and will highly recommend your professional services to any organization looking for professionalism in the field. The Friends of Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity so your efforts and research during this year-long project will be put to good use.”

Testimonials from Yoav Chudnoff, Friends of Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds in USA

A note from readers of Birding_in_Strandza_Broshura_Sinemorec7:

Birding routes in Strandza -brochure was very helpful for us who were birding in the area for the first time. Very good idea to gather some of the best birding places as routes. Most of the routes were also easy to go through with strollers.” Anniina, Jari and Otso Kontiokorpi, Parikkala, Finland

See Testimonial_FoBSPB.

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