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BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: the end

Well, the time for the end has come.It was the last day of our trip which we used for a transfer from our last destination to Sofia. En route we stopped to stretch our legs and added Yellowhammer to the list.…Read More
White-winged and Whiskered Tern © Iordan Hristov

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: waterbirds

Today my guests had their best day for the trip. It was going to be a day devoted to waterbirds. According to their words today we visited the best sites for the whole trip...Read More
Red-breasted Flycatcher

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: steppe

Today was expected to be a wet day so wanted to stay close to the van. The stops for the day included a reserve that is superb for sea-watching and steppe areas, suitable for larks, pipits and Stone Curlew.…Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 10, May 3rd – last day

“This was a great trip, based on a great formula. I will do all I can to promote the activities and benefits of “HiNT” and the BSPB” concluded Bob Dennison at the end of the final day from the trip...Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 9, May 2nd

The last day before departure was fairly quiet. We didn’t have much more to see and hoped for some migrants...Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 7, April 30th

We woke up in pouring rain. It was pretty dark and cloudy out there. Luckily, we didn’t have any particular aims for the morning. We had breakfast and off we started our trip to the North...Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 4, April 27th

The start of today feels like a very long time ago. All the memories of today’s morning somehow mix up with the birding events from previous days...Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 2, April 25th

This was a rather exciting day...Read More