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Western Capercaillie photography in Bulgaria

Western Capercaillie

Western Capercaillie is an enigmatic bird to photograph. After a successful Capercaillie workshop in the beginning of april I took a client to the same area...Read More

Photography trip to lake Kerkini

A few hours out to the lake Kerkini in Greece turned out to be quite productive. My girlfiend and I went out for a couple of hours to enjoy the lovely weather. This Black Stork was one of the highlights.…Read More

Photography workshop in Bulgaria

An evening walk in the near park was rather productive. A young Dipper was sitting perched and stayed for some 10 minutes foraging the near river. While photographing the dipper, a second bird arrived.…Read More

New lens

Just wanted to share my excitement from getting a new lens for bird photography Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM...Read More

First calls of birds in spring

A colleague from a birding and photography cottage in NE Bulgaria reported some fantastic news on the coming spring...Read More

Weekend retreat

Sunday evening is the time when people get ready for the coming week. It is also the time, when people get home after a fantastic weekend out of town to their favourite places. It was the same for me.…Read More

Spring on its way

After a trip to Morocco, I wanted to have a few more warm days in mid winter.When I landed in Sofia, there was some 20 cm of snow...Read More