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Buzludzha sunrise

It was freezing cold! I spent about two minutes without gloves setting my camera and then could not feel my fingers. I seriously thought I might be on my way to loose my fingers but could not admit it.…Read More
Pygmy Cormorant © Iordan Hristov

september birding trip: day 4 – pygmy cormorant

Today was going to be my last day. Another guide will come to take over and continue the trip with the group. I really didn’t want to leave but i had to. The group was wonderful and we had great time.…Read More
Bluethroat in spring © Iordan Hristov

Bird survey in Norway: day 4

After the break yesterday I was eager to start with my third route. It was a familiar one from last year so i knew what to expect. As usual i started at the exact time...Read More

Astrophotography in Bulgaria: first steps

A friend and I have been discussing astrophotography  tutorials and options to photograph the Milky way...Read More
Star trail at Ivan Vazov chalet in Rila mountains

Trekking trip in Rila mountains

Recently I realized it has been a long time since I last did a trekking trip in the Bulgarian mountains...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 14

Route 1907 is the last one I had to survey. On the previous day we managed to find out that there is a trail leading to the first survey plot. If we hadn’t found that it would have been really difficult.…Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 13

We woke up full of enthusiasm to see the local bird life. Grabbed our staff and off we went to the north where our first survey point had to be...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 12

Route 1911 turned out to be with rather steep slopes. So steep that even dangerous to survey. We really struggled now and then. There were two areas where we spent an hour or so to go over 300 m distance.…Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 11

Route 1924 Lyngen After the rest the new route with a number 1924 looked much easier. We were really worried looking at the steep hillside but after the rest it is a different story...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 10

As I mentioned today will be a day for relaxing. We slept until 9 a.m.  which is quite something for our every day 3 a.m. starts. I took the time to catch up with some blogging and data entry.…Read More