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Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 5

Another rainy day. At the foot of route 1905. The alarm did ring and I did hear it but once I looked outside I said no, it would not be another wet day. It was pouring rain and i decided to stay indoors.…Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 4

1910 the u shaped long trek in the mountains with 5 willow ptarmigans, golden eagle and white tailed eagle The beginning of the route for the day was fairly easy...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 3

I had set up my camp not far from the starting point of the route not to loose time moving about. The day started at the usual time 3 a.m. Quickly packed the staff for the day and off I went...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 2

After the depressing day yesterday today I feel a bit better. Woke up at 3.20 and off I went for another try on the route. The weather looked ok although the forecast was for another miserable day.…Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 1

The night was really short. I struggled getting up after having only a few hours sleep but what made me think twice was that it was raining. Not heavily but it was raining...Read More

Breeding bird survey in Norway coming up

New trip is on my list for the coming three weeks when I shall be travelling around the northern parts of Norway to conduct a field bird survey...Read More

Breeding birds survey in Bulgaria

I just realised that the deadline for conducting the breeding birds survey in my local patches approaches rather soon...Read More