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Dalmatian Pelican © Iordan Hristov

Birding and photography at lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini – birding and photography December 10-11, 2016 I guided a group of 15 students on bird identification trip to lake Kerkini in the weekend December 10-11, 2016. We saw a total of 70 birds.…Read More
Black-headed Bunting

New birding trip: day 1

route: Sofia – Plovdiv – Pazardzhik – Plovdiv Birding trip today starts at 5,30. I start a new 5 day long birdwatching trip with a small group of 2 American birders...Read More

Nine days birdwatching trip with RSPB Oxford around Bulgaria just finished

A group from RSPB Oxford just finished its birdwatching holiday around Bulgaria. We travelled together for 1830 km around the country to enjoy some of our best birds...Read More

BirdID trip in Bulgaria 2014: day 5, April 28th

We woke up in the middle of oak woodland with slight rain. Everybody in the group was keen to walk around the new type of habitat so the rain didn’t scare the participants...Read More

The sound of falling snowflakes

Peace! Quietness! Wilderness! That’s what my weekend trip was about. After a lazy morning the road took us to a photography hide where I wanted to put some bait for Common Buzzards Buteo buteo.…Read More

Waders photography in Bulgaria

This time I happened to be on the coast in the right time. I really needed to spend some time off from work,  photographing birds and get some break from the daily activities...Read More

Birdwatching in Bulgaria trip reports May 2013

This spring was a rather busy season. I had a couple of birdwatching groups with guests from Norway, Britain, Poland and Germany...Read More

New trip to Western Boarder areas: Radomir- Lobosh reservoir

After three exhausting birdwatching trips for the whole of May it was time to finally spend some time with friends. We decided to do a trip to the Western Boarder area of Bulgaria not far from Sofia.…Read More

New birding trip around Bulgaria: 22-30.05.2013

A second trip around Bulgaria commenced a couple of days ago. Pretty busy in the early morning starts and late evenings. Will be adding a few images from the trip now and then...Read More

Images trip 1, Birdwatching around Bulgaria: 13-21.05

Eastern Bath White © Iordan Hristov Marsh Warbler © Iordan Hristov Silver Studded Blue © Iordan Hristov Red backed Shrike photography © Iordan Hristov Red-rumped Swallow photog...Read More