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Bee-eater © Iordan Hristov

BirdID weekend

Just returned from a fantastic birdid weekend trip to South-West Bulgaria. Together with 8 students in bird id training that I conduct we visited the surroundings of Kerkini lake, Belasitsa mountain and Rupite.…Read More

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: wallcreeper

What a day! We started from the mountains and we ended in a Mediterranean landscape. This must be a precondition for some good diversity of birds. Indeed, the final checklist suggested 77 for the day.…Read More

International bird identification course starts today

New international bird identification course starts today in Bulgaria for a third time with a focus on birds from Western Palearctic...Read More
Sardinian Warbler, image: Iordan Hristov

Bird Identification course on birds of Bulgaria

Bird identification course on birds of Bulgaria just ended. We spent a few wonderful days in the area of Eastern Rhodopes in Bulgaria looking at birds and teaching bird ID...Read More
Pallid Harrier

Pallid Harrier during a BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015

Spring has come and with it comes the new course for bird identification that I will be leading in 2015 for a third time...Read More

Second national BirdID training: day 4 – the end

The last day of the training was planned for the conifer forest. We collected tents and gear and down we went to a lovely track in the middle of a coniferous forest...Read More

Second national BirdID training: day 3

Day 3 from the training was under risk of heavy rain too. Today our group was larger since more people joined for the weekend. Today we wanted to go to a mountain shelter next to a lake called “Strashno ezero”.…Read More

Second national BirdID training: day 2

We woke up at 6 a.m. After the intense survey last week in Norway it was time to search for birds again...Read More

The second national BirdID training in Bulgaria starts today: day 1

The second national BirdID training starts today. It is organised by the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds and the Nord-Trondelag University College HiNT...Read More

Visit to Latvia

New trip is on its way. This time it is outside Bulgaria...Read More