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The flight of the raven

Wolves, Wolves, Wolves…

Wolves… This is what is what I have been thinking about for a whole week when sitting in a hide. The plan was to live inside a hide for six days to increase our chances to see and hopefully photograph a wolf.…Read More
Golden Eagle hide photography © Iordan Hristov

Golden Eagle and Dalmatian Pelican photography workshop

I got the opportunity to guide a hide photography trip for Golden Eagles and Dalmatian pelicans organized by Wild Echo and Patrick Dieudonne...Read More
birding trip

Birding trip day 2

route: Plovdiv – Krichim – Devin – Yagodina The rain last night did not let us go out Scops owling but this morning we were determined to go out earlier...Read More
Long-legged Buzzard

Bird photography hides test

I just returned from testing two new photography hides for Eastern Imperial Eagle. Colleagues have been feeding the eagles weekly for a few months now and we had left a photo trap to follow the scene.…Read More
Western Capercaillie photography in Bulgaria

Western Capercaillie

Western Capercaillie is an enigmatic bird to photograph. After a successful Capercaillie workshop in the beginning of april I took a client to the same area...Read More
Capercaillie workshop

Capercaillie workshop in Bulgaria

There are very few places where Wolves would howl right under the window of your room and bears will be sharpening their claws only a couple of meters away from you while you are asleep...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 3, 6.12.2014

Once I opened my eyes I started hearing birds like Graceful Prinia, White Eared Bulbul … and decided to walk in the area of Al Amrat. A little walk produced my first Hume’s wheatear and Red-rumped Wheatear.…Read More

Ortolan Bunting photography

Ortolan Buntings are charismatic birds. Perhaps this is one of the reason for every foreign birdwatcher and wildlife photographer coming to Bulgaria to search for them...Read More

Firecrest photography

Going over my images from the spring tours that I guided this year in Bulgaria I got a series of Firecrest images I decided to share...Read More

Wallcreeper photography in Bulgaria

Wallcreepers are superb birds to observe and photograph. Unfortunately they are ever so difficult being either too high, or in too dark places...Read More