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Successful Bear watching trip in Bulgaria has just finished

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Group of five people is going to go home happy after enjoying the views of a huge male Brown Bear. This attempt to see a bear was a part of a trip that I organised for my friends who visited Bulgaria in mid April. The main reason for the visit was to see a bear but in addition to that my friends wanted to see a bit of our culture including the old town of Plovdiv, Bachkovo and Rila monasteries, Shiroka luka, etc.

Despite of the rain the group visited all their wanted sites, enjoyed superb food and saw Wild Boar, Brown Hares, Red Fox, Black Stork, Golden Eagle and a colossal male Brown Bear. After this successful attempt for observing a bear from a hide our friends felt like they want to do more about bird watching. The 30 m close encounter with a bear must have unlocked their desire to be more intimate with Nature and enjoy its beauties.

We welcome their enthusiasm and will welcome them again. Perhaps the next attempt would be to see vultures and more other birds.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our country.

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