SNAPP guides seek your support

SNAPP guides campaign

A new innovative photography location finder called SNAPP guides started its campaign on Kickstarter – you can check it out at

The link contains full description of the app content including:

  • superb locations for photography in a number of countries
  • based on local knowledge
  • simple to use
  • suitable times and conditions
  • inspirational images
  • creative tips
  • beautiful design
  • detailed maps to use both on and offline
  • option to create itineraries
  • option to sync across devices

SNAPP guides campaign

SNAPP guides campaign


You can see the full desciption of the campaign on its page in Kickstarter here. Moreover there are some great awards if you could support the campaign. It would be highly appreciated if you could just share this post and spread the word about this great app.

I am sure you will be amazed by the option this innovative app will give.

Check out the website of SNAPP guides here.



2 thoughts on “SNAPP guides seek your support”

  1. Dancho, thank you for sharing this!

    Was browsing through your posts again. amazed by all great photos of birdlife! And when I come around we need to go to Rila mountains!

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