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Rock Partridge trip

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This time I really wanted to visit the Rock Partridge area that I intended to visit last week. On my way to a family holiday I pulled out to the area.

There was still a little bit of snow but patches only. The Rock Partridge area is along an old track leading to a rocky area. Grassland meadows surround the cliffs making the area rather suitable for Rock Partride. The bird turns up pretty much anywhere along the track and around the cliffs.

Along the track we had an adult Golden Eagle, a dozen Yellowhammers, some Mistle Thrushes and Great Tits. We reached the area in 1.5 hours walking along the track. A pair of Raves welcomed us. Soon I started scanning the cliffs. Scanned for some half an hour and moved to another place for another 15 minutes. We’ll, no luck this time. It’s still quite early for display but I was hoping tha some birds will turn up along the road. Will come back again in a week or so. I definitely need to spend some more time around here. In addition to the Rock Partridge, there is also White-backed Woodpecker and Eagle Owl which I want to see.

landscape photography
Central Balkan mountain by Iordan Hristov

Good start of the coming days. Lovely scenes. Will also need to check the place for sunset landscape photos.

Coming soon 🙂

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