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Bird surveys

  • Projects bird surveys

    Dotterel © Iordan Hristov

    Annual breeding bird survey of arctic birds in Norway (images)

  • bird migration surveys
  • bird surveys in remote mountainous areas
  • surveys and development of birdwatching routes
  • bird surveys in areas subject to development

Birdwatching trips

  • Guide birding trips in Bulgaria, Northern Greece and Oman
  • Conduct bird identification training including 1-2-1

    Projects landscape photography

    image: Iordan Hristov

Bird photography

  • guide bird photography trips
  • images for sale (see gallery)

Landscape photography

  • guide landscape photography trips
  • SNAPP Guide for Bulgaria
  • images for sale (see gallery)

Optics sale

  • Opticron binoculars
  • Kite Optics

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