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Photohound: New online guide for photography locations

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Photohound: landscape photography guide


Photohound is the latest online platform for landscape and travel photographers. It started as SNAPP Guides with separate guides for different countries and regions but now all the spots were united in a single portal to offer a higher quality product. The platform contains description and advice, when and how to visit over 3300 spots around the Globe. For illustration are used over 10 900 images from 93 countries.

Photohound: landscape photography guide

Photohound home screen featuring all added locations

Photohound photography locations in Bulgaria

Spots from Bulgaria

Right now you can access all premium features of PhotoHound for FREE as we test and refine everything in the public beta phase prior to launch. This includes all guides and spots on the world map.

What you need to know

After the launch later in 2020 there will be 2 membership plans with many features remaining free and others accessible with our Plus Membership. The PhotoHound mobile app (which will work similarly to the SNAPP Guides app) will be available as part of our Plus Membership. We’ll be offering a minimum of 3 years free membership to thank customers who purchased one or more SNAPP Guides.  You will always be able to access your purchased guides on the PhotoHound website whichever membership plan you opt for. 

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