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Photography trip to lake Kerkini

From Germany, I am going directly to Greece. Well, I had to spend a night or two at home to do the washing but here I am on my way to the South 🙂 Greece, lake Kerkini.

A photography trip at the lake is one of the dreams for every wildlife photographer. Opportunities are endless. The diversity of birds there is huge. Not all the birds are easy to photograph but still. For a day birders can see over 50 species. Migration time is the best. Anyway, I am now going for a photography trip. The main focus will be the Dalmatian Pelicans which are known to stay quite close to the bank and present suitable photography opportunities for everyone with rich imagination. Pelicans are so tame that can literary do what you want them to do. Thus you can plan your background, action or interaction. Well see what happens.

Here is some info about Dalmatian Pelicans from Wikipedia. You can see some images from my former post here.

Dalmatian Pelican photography
author: Iordan Hristov 2012
bird photography
author: Iordan Hristov 2012

Hope to add some some nice images of Dalmatian Pelicans and other birds. Stay tuned for more of those 😉

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