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Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: the start of a new adventure

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I am pretty excited to announce that finally the time for my Oman trip has come. I have been willing to go there for quite some time and here we are.

I booked a flight with fly Dubai from Istanbul to Muscat via Dubai. To get to Istanbul I got a coach which proofed to be quite a long journey. We left Sofia at 9.00 am and arrived in Istanbul after 18.30 and then another 4 hours on some dodgey busses to get to Sabiha airport. Anyway, I am finally at the airport and the flight took off at 1.00 a.m. I was pretty tired so slept pretty much all the way to Dubai. Woke up just on time to enjoy the sunrise.

Dubai looked lovely from the air…desert everywhere. Sand was blown over the roads here and there. Four wheel drive vehicles were driving across the dunes to show the local adventures. Airport check it went pretty fast and there was another 7 hours before my one hour flight to Muscat. This was a really long stay.

Finally the time for the plane as come and an hour later I landed in Muscat. It was pretty warm although it was 4 p.m. After the usual stuff with the customs and the need to pay 20 Omani real =40 EUR for a visa I picked up a car. For the moment I will not advertise this company because I have some bad feelings about the deposit they wanted to take from my card. Hope everything will be fine.

I heard unfamiliar bird call from the car park but didn’t have time now to search for the bird. I started the car and soon I was in the heavy traffic to…nowhere. I wanted to find a place to camp around Muscat but believe me it wasn’t easy. I had a navigation system which took me around the town for quite some time before I finally managed to see some unpopulated areas. Prices of hotels here are pretty high equal to 50-80 EUR per person so I decided I will skip the hptels in the first few days before my friend arrives.

Anyway I stopped by a shop to get some water and snacks and off I went. Finally managed to get to a location that looked a bit quieter but not for long. Soon I was cruising around again. Stopped a few km further down the road and this proofed to be an ok place and stayed there for the night.

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