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Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

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Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

Just returned from a very successful photography session with Nutcrackers Nucifraga caryocatactes. These tame birds are used to people and allow a lot of creativity and multiple attempts for people to get their shots. Since this was not my first time photographing Nutcrackers, I could afford to experiment and I think the results are rather good. 

For about 3 hours I managed to take about 4 shots that are keepers. Light was changing every now and then which allowed moving of positions and change of backgrounds. My idea before the session was to capture 1) landing birds on a perch, 2) Nutcrackers in a fight and 3) landing birds with spread wings and 4) a bird in flight. Here are the results:

1. Landing bird on a perch:

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

2. Nutcracker in a fight

Birds had their dispute all the time especially at times when the bait was near its end or in small quantities.

3. Landing Nutcracker with spread wings

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

I took this picture at 24 mm with a flash. Focused manually on the perch and used f8 with 1/200 sec.


4. Nutcracker in flight (personal favourite)

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

I took this image at 150mm, f 8.0, 1/2500.

I found that the lens 70-200 is the most productive one for this session.

All in all, I think this was a very productive session with a few keepers. Stay tuned for more images. These are the images that I have been dreaming of taking, so will need to come up with some new ideas for perfection.

I have a photography trip coming up in a few weeks when I will be able to take some more shots of Golden agles, Nutcrackers, Griffon Vultures and Dalmatian Pelicans, so stay tuned for more images and do not hesitate to subscribe to my email list. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram here.

If you are interested in trying taking your own shots, feel free to drop me a line using the contacts form.

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