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New guided photography trip commenced yesterday

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A group of four keen Polish photographers visit Bulgaria on a guided trip to photograph Bee-eaters and Rollers. Whilst the breeding season makes it a bit difficult they already managed to get their first shots of the target species on the very first day.

“We can already go home” suggested one of them pleased by the results. We keep with our early morning and afternoon sessions to get the best of the light conditions in the 40 degrees Celsius temperatures. We start at 4,20 a.m. come back to the cottage at 11,00 and go back to the hides at 17,00 in the afternoon.
Roller photography
More results should come soon. In addition to the Roller and Bee-eater, our guests also managed to get a few shots of Tree Sparrow, Tawny Pipit and Common Starling without aiming to do so.

Lot of Marsh Warblers and Turtle Doves are feeding around the areas of the Rollers. On the preparation day before our guests have arrived we managed to get decent shots of about 15 bird species including Sombre Tit, Tawny Pipit, Long-legged Buzzard, Isabelling Wheatear, Spanish Sparrow, Stonechat, Lesser-grey Shrike and a few others.

Bee-eater photography

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