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Verreaux's Eagle

Verreaux’s Eagle in Oman: day 10, 13.12.2014

Would you believe me if I say it was another superb day? I repeat that every day but it is true. A new set of new birds and more and more pictures of local birds. As usual we started at 6 a.m...Read More
Oman tourism

Oman tourism: day 9, 12.12.2014

Another superb day of our Oman tourism finished with a total of 92 bird species seen or the day and 7 of them were new to me. Fantastic! The day started before the Sun has even though of showing up.…Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 7, 10.12.2014

Today was fairly birdless. We drove for most of the day and saw fairly few birds. Still managed to add a few new species though. As usual, we woke up at 6 a.m. and hit the road...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 6, 9.12.2014

What a day! We started off at 6 a.m. and we didn’t arrive at our last destination before 8p.m. Pretty exhausting, but worth it...Read More

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 4, 7.12.2014

Day 4 started with the calls of Chestnut bellied Sandgrouses. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what it was but compared it with the tape and it was clearly the species named...Read More

New book: Important bird areas in Cyprus

BirdLife Cyprus has published a new inventory of the Important Bird Areas in Cyprus. The new book features 34 sites important for conservation of 44 species...Read More

Turnstone photography

Another photography session proved successful...Read More

Nine day birdwatching and photography trip with belgium photographers finished with great success

This time the group was with Belgium birdwatchers and photographers who wanted to photograph every single bird they see...Read More
Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelicans photography

Well, here am I finally back from the trip for photographing Dalmatian Pelicans...Read More