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Vulture photography trip coming up

It is Friday and it is time for new adventures. Couple of phone calls and here I am on the way to the Eastern Rhodope mountains: the realm of Vultures...Read More

Kestrel photography

With the birdwatching groups that I guide, we regularly see the Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus but to photograph it, is a different story. I have had only a few lucky distant shots but never this close.…Read More

Ortolan Bunting photography

Ortolan Buntings are charismatic birds. Perhaps this is one of the reason for every foreign birdwatcher and wildlife photographer coming to Bulgaria to search for them...Read More

Firecrest photography

Going over my images from the spring tours that I guided this year in Bulgaria I got a series of Firecrest images I decided to share...Read More

Butterfly photography

I finally managed to go over some of my images from the past weeks. Since summer is better for butterflies rather than birds, last weekend I decided to go out for some more shots. Here are a few of the images.…Read More

Wallcreeper photography in Bulgaria

Wallcreepers are superb birds to observe and photograph. Unfortunately they are ever so difficult being either too high, or in too dark places...Read More

A day at lake Kerkini

At the end of May, I spent a day at lake Kerkini with a group of British photographers. Here a few images from my trip there that I finally managed to select and post-process...Read More

Nine day birdwatching and photography trip with belgium photographers finished with great success

This time the group was with Belgium birdwatchers and photographers who wanted to photograph every single bird they see...Read More

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

Nutcrackers Nucifraga caryocatactes are lovely birds. Strangely enough there are very few photos of this peculiar bird. Perhaps the areas where they live are too distant for photographers...Read More
Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelicans photography

Well, here am I finally back from the trip for photographing Dalmatian Pelicans...Read More