This category includes photography trips that I have guided or done by myself.

bird photography in Oman

Lesser whistling duck in Oman: day 12, 15.12.2014

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The night wasn’t quite relaxed. The place where we stayed had quite a few mosquitos that didn’t let us sleep all night long. We are quite exhausted now. We packed quickly and off we went to the nearby wetlands which offered some good birding.…
bird photography in Oman

Bird photography in Oman: day 11, 14.12.2014

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Bird photography dominated today. I had more time at few sites and enough time to take pictures of some local specialities: Blackstart, Shining Sunbird, White-spectacled Bulbul, Ruppel’s Weaver, Tristram’s Starling, White-breasted White-eye and a Red-necked Phalarope.…
Oman tourism

Oman tourism: day 9, 12.12.2014

Another superb day of our Oman tourism finished with a total of 92 bird species seen or the day and 7 of them were new to me. Fantastic! The day started before the Sun has even though of showing up.…

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 4, 7.12.2014

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Day 4 started with the calls of Chestnut bellied Sandgrouses. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what it was but compared it with the tape and it was clearly the species named. A tree about 50m away from my tent was some sort of attraction for local birds.…

Birdwatching and photography trip to Oman: day 2, 5.12.2014

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After pretty exhausting and emotionally intense night I was on my way to the first birding stop – Al Ansab Lagoon.  I was supposed to get permission to enter the place but the website of the company managing the site was constantly showing errors when I tried to book a visit so I gave up.…

Deer photography

In the last couple of weeks I attempt new techniques and new objects for photography. I have been thinking about photographing mammals but never done it. Well it was time to try. A colleague told me about a site not far from Sofia where quite a few animals roam: Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, amongst others.…