BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: bird migration

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What a day!  Another superb birding day in Bulgaria. We started in a woodland and ended by the coast. The day started at about 6.30 a.m. when some members of the group were already out taking pictures of Lesser-spotted and Middle spotted Woodpeckers.…
Masked Shrike © Iordan Hristov

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: imperial eagle

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What a superb day. We started with a well desired Black-headed Bunting which walk me up when I first opened the balcony door of my room. Later on with logged Rock Bunting, Sombre Tit, Subalpine Warbler, Blue Rock Thrush and Lesser spotted Woodpecker.…

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: levant sparrowhawk

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The day started before even the sun was up. Some people from the group decided to have a walk around and take some pictures at the best light. They didn’t regret it. Once we were up we heard that they had seen two Ruddy Shelducks in the river.…

BirdID course in Bulgaria 2015: wallcreeper

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What a day! We started from the mountains and we ended in a Mediterranean landscape. This must be a precondition for some good diversity of birds. Indeed, the final checklist suggested 77 for the day.…

International bird identification course starts today

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New international bird identification course starts today in Bulgaria for a third time with a focus on birds from Western Palearctic. A group of 8 students from Norway, UK and Bulgaria will travel around Bulgaria for 10 days trying to see the essence of the country’s birdlife.…
Sardinian Warbler, image: Iordan Hristov

Bird Identification course on birds of Bulgaria

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Bird identification course on birds of Bulgaria just ended. We spent a few wonderful days in the area of Eastern Rhodopes in Bulgaria looking at birds and teaching bird ID.The initiative is coordinated and implemented by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of birds and the Norwegian Nord-Trondelag University College.…
Western Capercaillie photography in Bulgaria

Western Capercaillie

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Western Capercaillie is an enigmatic bird to photograph. After a successful Capercaillie workshop in the beginning of april I took a client to the same area. The day of our arrival didn’t look very promising Capercaillie photography.…
Sand pyramid picture

Sand pyramid

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There are two areas with sand pyramid in South Western part of Bulgaria. This part of the country is known for its mild climate with strong Mediterranean influence suggesting high diversity of bird species and beautiful landscapes.…
Capercaillie workshop

Capercaillie workshop in Bulgaria

There are very few places where Wolves would howl right under the window of your room and bears will be sharpening their claws only a couple of meters away from you while you are asleep. It might be scary to some people but adventurous to others.…
the cup of Boyana waterfall

Boyana waterfall photography

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It was one of those days when I really wanted to go out and take some pictures. I considered several options but needed some sort of a light walk. I consulted a few sources and decided. It was going to be the Boyana Waterfall.…