bird photography in Bulgaria

Common Buzzard photography

Common Buzzard photography Just returned from a fantastic session with Common Buzzards in the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria. Although the winter is very mild and the birds are able to find their own food, they were still active.…
Birding guide to Greece

Birdwatching trip to Greece: Porto Lagos

Birdwatching trip to Greece  Just returned from a fantastic birdwatching trip to Porto Lagos in Greece. In the period 28.11-1.12, we visited some of the lagoons and lakes in the area, made a stop to Nestos Gorge and lake Kerkini on the way back to Bulgaria.…

Birding trip in Bulgaria, day 3 of 8

Krumovgrad – Dolna Kula – Potochnitsa – Dolno Cherkovishte Weather: hot in the morning with 20+ degrees, showers at noon and sunny in the afternoon We met at 6.30 for a walk in the city park before breakfast which produced a stunning male Common Redstart.…
Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria, day 1 of 8

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Sofia airport – Vitosha mountains – Krichim – Yagodina village Weather: cloudy with mist in the mountains, overcast along the way, temp 7-15 degr.cels. Just started a new 8 day birdwatching trip around Bulgaria with a group of four birders.…
Golden Eagle photography

Birding around lake Kerkini, Northern Greece

Just completed a fantastic birding trip around lake Kerkini in Northern Greece. I guided a group of 10 British birdwatchers around the lake in the period May 6-13, 2019. For these 7 days we saw 171 species of birds.…
Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

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Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria Just returned from a very successful photography session with Nutcrackers Nucifraga caryocatactes. These tame birds are used to people and allow a lot of creativity and multiple attempts for people to get their shots.…
Golden Eagle photography

Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria 2018 – 8 day trip, day 8

Route: Krapets – Sofia Weather: sunny 30 C Our birding trip approaches its end. On our last day we need to do a long drive from Krapets to Sofia. Since it is a very long drive we had time for only one planned stop for birding and that was well optimized.…
Pied Wheatear

Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria 2018 – 8 day trip, day 7

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Route: Krapets – Durankulak lake – Shabla lake – Kaliakra cape – Krapets Weather: fairly warm day with temp in high 20s and strong wind This was our last full day of birding and boy, did we made the most of it.…
guided birding trip in Bulgaria

Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria 2018 – 8 day trip, day 6

Route: Burgas – Pomorie – Poroi – Varna – Krapets Weather: overcast with moderate wind Today we made our way to the Northern Black Sea coast. We started by the saltpans at Pomorie where we added Black-winged Stilt, Ferruginous Duck, Sandwich Tern and Great White Egret to the trip list.…