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birdwatching in Bulgaria

Bird ID training course: the end

The last full day birdwatching in Bulgaria was a real treat: Pied Wheatear, Stone Curlew, Calandra Larks and amazing landscapes. We finish the trip with the superb 192 birds seen for 9 days.

Slender billed Gull

Bird ID training course: Day 8

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Birding around Shabla and Durankulak lake resulted in 92 birds seen for the day, including Ferruginous Duck, Rosefinch, and many more

birding trip costa rica

Birding trip to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is an exceptional country to visit for birdwatching! We managed to see 268 birds on a self-guided trip with the help of local guides where appropriate.

Heath spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata)

Natural history tour in Bulgaria: day 10

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Our last full day of our trip ended with kind words of appreciation for the job done! It has been an absolutely beautiful trip to wonderful sites rich in flora and fauna.